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TWA dissolved in 2016

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New Sixth Form, Reepham High School and College

Reepham College opening day  -  8-30 Sept 2009

The conception, birth and aftercare of a new Sixth Form College............ 


'The college buildings are state of the art and offer students and staff alike the best possible conditions in which to work and study.'  Christopher Hassell - Reepham College Principal. '' 




With a continuous involvement in the school as either parent, governor, architect or client advisor over a 22 year period, and with an opportunity to work with visionary staff and governors,  the New Sixth Form College at Reepham  is  the most rewarding project we have been involved in to date. ....


Impact upon Educational Attainment


We have been encouraged to bring to bear the research and experience we have gained working thoughout the country as consultants within the national schools programme, to create a unique facility which first and forememost is a centre of excellence for education but which uses



and creates optimum comfort conditions in terms of


  • natural lighting levels
  • glare control
  • acoustic  control
  • C02 control in winter
  • upper temperature control in  summer


all of which are proven to impact on educational attainment. etc etc.......


Making a difference


'It has been a privilege to be involved and we welcome and explore any opportunity to use our experience to 'make a difference' in other schools and colleges.' Andrew Teather and Christopher Walls