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TWA dissolved in 2016

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The Lathes Norwich

Integrated Metric Modulor Design Using NBS - 1976  


'The project was developed on a fully resolved metric modular basis based on the extensive use of a stock brick with selective use of specials for cills, copings and hard landscaping'  Andrew Teather - Project Architect and Associate for Edward Skipper and Associates  for  


High Density Public Sector Urban Development


A high density urban development of 42 split level dwellings within a predominantly 19th century terraced area of Norwich.  The development reflects the local vernacular in scale, form and texture and incorporates the restoration and conversion of 12 adjoining terraced properties dating from the early to the late 19th century. 


NBS (National Building specification)


The project was one of the first in the country to employ the use of the NBS and required extensive study of relevant legislation and British Standards that applied at the time, to complete the documentation.  An invaluable grounding for any  young professional.


Modulor Design


All  aspects of the design, internal and external, were designed on a grid of 100mm, 300mm, 600mm and 900mm. Bricks were 290x90x90 and paving slabs were 590 x 890 and 590 x 590.  All svp's and extracts were concealed behind anodised aluminium modulor grilles. All external light fittings were integrated in the design.  The same discipline was taken through to internal design creating a highly resolved solution which formed a kit of parts for fiuture development.