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TWA dissolved in 2016

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Selected Projects

Education Sector

Fast Track  Projects  - Steel Frame and Composite Panels

Fast Track 'small works' refurbishments

We include the projects below as evidence of our ability to transform interiors in demanding timescales whilst achieving outstanding workmanship.

Fast Track Concept

The link below is included as an example of our ability to think outside the box to deliver attractive, cost effective fast track solutions.

Modulor Design

The successful ‘Prefab School Template’ will be born from a clear understanding of the design requirements, a clear understanding of materials and a well resolved modulor design. We include the example below as evidence of the fact that our design roots are founded in these considerations and our focus on quality was rooted in the discovery and early take up of the National Building Specification.


This selection of projects focuses upon demonstrating our ability to work with schools and colleges from preliminary dialogue through to project completion and aftercare.

The Coalitions’ current emphasis for new build delivery is on a ‘Prefab School Template’ and there is much activity in the industry around this topic.

The headline objective is lower cost and faster delivery and the means is through the use of offsite construction techniques.

The directors of Teather + Walls Architects (trading as Design and Construction Solutions Ltd) have unusually varied experience in this field gained from working  in Senior Bid and Project Management roles for top 10 UK Building Contractors and working in Private Practice. This experience is chronologically catalogued under milestones with useful links to additional information

The links on the left are selected as they demonstrate a variety of fast track projects using different construction techniques and procurement processes where we have acted as architects. We have in addition included examples which relate to the reality that most new build projects are conditional on a good understanding of the existing school estate and the project is in practice likely to include some refurbishment and /or remodelling works